Daniela Castro takes audio from Renato Tapia’s cousin: “If you ask me if this is okay, I don’t share it”

The mother of Renato Tapia’s son, Daniela Castro, brought to light the audio of the footballer’s cousin, José Martín Alva, who was placed by the team to be the father figure of the minor and to be aware that he does not go out the light of the existence of the minor. Apparently, he was in charge of keeping up with the young woman, his son, and he even lived with them.

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Daniela Castro shared with the production of “Magaly TV La Firme” this audio and Magaly Medina brought it to light, where the young man tells the young lady that he would like his cousin to Renato Tapia communicate with the minor.

“If at some point you think that I’m going to say to Renato: ‘It’s not that the fat man wants to talk to you’, do you think that I would like the fat man, maybe once a week, now that there is Facetime, to facetime with his dad?”.

Next, the same cousin of Renato Tapia He adds: “Do you know why I don’t ask him? Because Renato could tell me: ‘no cousin, better not’. And I’m going to break his heart and suddenly he’s going to hit me **, so he’s a baby and not I do it. I make it so that every time he comes to Lima I tell him: ‘Please go see the fat guy and that’s it'”

In the same audio it is even heard that José Martín Alva does not even agree with the attitude of Renato Tapia. “He makes a little hole and goes to see the fat man, so that the relationship is always maintained. If you ask me if this is okay, this is up to the hu* for me. I do not share that. It seems to me up to c, but it is his way for him to feel less mi**…it’s a choice.”

FinallyJose Martin Alva even threatens Daniela Castro to leave them so she can see what she does to have communication with the soccer player Renato Tapia. “So if every three months you throw away the relationship that one tries to build with you, because one day I’m going to send you to hell* and simply one day I’m going to fuck you, I get bored, bye and that’s it. There So call him (Renato)”.

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What did Kathy Sheen say about Renato Tapia’s statement?

the journalist Kathy Sheen read the statement sent by the soccer player Renato Tapia after learning that he has a son to whom he has not yet given his last name. She said that what she has written is very flowery and in this sense she asked him when she will sign the little one.

“Yeah, but little bloom. When do you plan to do the subject of recognition, of affiliation, because six years have already passed and she has had enough time to do all that subject, but unfortunately the mother has to go on television to apologize to her family”, was the first thing the journalist said Kathy Sheen.