Daniela Darcourt and her important message about the acceptance of bodies

Daniela Darcourt is followed by thousands of fans who not only applaud her talent for acting, but also for the motivational and reflective messages she posts on their social networks from time to time. On this occasion, the Peruvian singer told a personal experience about her body that she lived years ago.

Also, she revealed that she currently wants to lose a few kilos with diet and exercise, but without this meaning a constant concern about looking slim in front of the mirror, as she was a few years ago.

Through stories on her Instagram account, the salsa singer asked her followers a question as a survey.

“That is how skinny she was 4 years ago … are we going back to 55 kg?”, Read the text that accompanied a publication in which she appeared standing, posing in a long black dress.

In this way, Daniela Darcourt confessed in another of her stories that, when she sees her photos from the past, she remembers how much she was worried about gaining weight.

“Let me tell you something … Every time I see this photo, I remember that ‘perfect bodies’ don’t exist. I went through a process (until now) where I was very traumatized by gaining even 1 single kilogram. This is accompanied by stress and the same depression that I experienced a few years ago (in this photo, I weighed 48 kg and I was 21) ”, the popular artistic figure said.

“Today, I feel good, happy and HEALTHY, my body has become my treasure and I will take care that no one ever tells me how I have to look to be ‘BETTER’”Added Daniela Darcourt in her powerful message about the process she went through to come to accept her body.

In the background, she appeared posing in profile with short hair.

Despite this, the interpreter of “Mr. Lie” revealed that she would like to lose seven kilograms based on diet and exercise, and also took the opportunity to send a message of support to her followers who are struggling with insecurities, through another story of Instagram.

“Lose / gain weight because you want to ….. There is nothing better than being healthy from the inside, both in mind and heart. May I never tell you again that being overweight or very thin is a crime”Read the final message from the former La voz kids coach.