Daniela Darcourt declares herself a fan of Doña Peta after Paolo Guerrero’s party: “An exceptional mother”

He filled her with compliments. Daniela Darcourt surprised locals and strangers by showing herself as a guest and artist at Paolo Guerrero’s birthday, and made it clear that she also got along very well with her family, especially her mother Doña Peta.

Everything was exposed in the social networks of the sauce boat. On her official Instagram account, she used her stories not only to share images from the party, but also declared herself a fan of Petronila Gonzales after showing herself dancing and embracing her son effusively.

Daniela darcourt shared with the mother of Paolo Guerrero in his celebration, as well as he did with Jefferson Farfán, and took the opportunity to send him thousands of compliments on his platform, as he demonstrated to his followers.

“A beautiful woman and an exceptional mother. Always taking care of his great son. A pleasure to share and meet you, dear Doña Peta. I am also his fan ”, was what he wrote.

Along with these words, Daniela darcourt published a photograph where he comes out hugging the matriarch of the ‘Predator’ family and both look quite happy when posing smiling.

Without problems, the singer would have made it clear that she admires the work of Mrs. Peta, not only as a person, but as a mother. Will a new friendship start in the national show business?

Eva Ayllón to Daniela Darcourt for her 16-year artistic career: “What a privilege to work together”

Weeks ago, Eva Ayllón was proud of the achievements that Daniela Darcourt achieved in music, so she made it known in Instagram.

“Today my dear danieladarcourtoficial is celebrating its anniversary, 16 years of artistic career. What a privilege to be able to meet you and work together … I wish the best for you, that it be many more years and that the patientI will continue to accompany you in this career that is not easy at all but that we love with madness. I love you very much. Long live the music! “, He wrote.