Daniela Darcourt ignores criticism for singing on Paolo Guerrero’s birthday: “Blessings for all” [VIDEO]

He turns a deaf ear. The Peruvian singer Daniela Darcourt was one of the characters of the national celebrity who gathered on Paolo Guerrero’s birthday, a fact for which she was harshly criticized, but to which she would have decided not to pay more importance and only sends blessings to her haters. and fans.

“The first month of 2022 starts with that smile”, dictated one of the dedications that his loyal followers sent to his social networks and that she did not hesitate to share.

Apparently, the sauce boat would not have started on the right foot this year, as she revealed she would be going through hormonal changes due to her menstrual period, and has only focused on positive messages, the same ones that she returns with the same good vibes and blessings.

“Good morning my people, it seems that this month Andrés arrived with everything and he has me crazy !! (…) Nice family. May you finish having a wonderful day! Take care of yourselves very much, blessings to all. I adore you!”, He wrote Daniela darcourt in its Instagram.

Daniela Darcourt celebrates being the number 1 sauce boat: “The most top of the year”

Peruvian singer Daniela Darcourt celebrates being one of the most listened to Peruvian singers of 2021 as the top of the moment, and thus she celebrated with her loyal fans via her official Instagram account.

“Winners 2021. The most top of the year”, it is possible to read in the publication that the sauce boat shared with its thousands of followers, to whom it wished the best of the world towards this new year.