Daniela Darcourt on her future goals: “My greatest desire is to be a mother”

At 25 years old, Daniela darcourt has achieved international fame. The singer has been declared the most successful Peruvian salsa boat of 2021, she was a jury in multiple editions of La voz and has been nominated for a Grammy. But the artist has very clear origins so he always shows his gratitude to his fans. For this reason, he constantly performs question and answer dynamics on Instagram.

The sauce boat uploaded a question box to her Instagram stories and encouraged her followers to ask her about everything. Her fans questioned her on a variety of topics, from her professional life to highly personal topics.

“Besides having already made being a brilliant singer come true, do you have another dream you want to fulfill?” Wrote one netizen.

Daniela said that she maintains “endless” goals, but her main desire has to do with motherhood. “I think my greatest desire is to be a mother”, revealed the singer. “I do not know if it will be this year, next year or next,” she added, indicating that she does not have an expected date to get pregnant.

“There is still a lot to work on,” he added as the text of the video.

In response to another question, she specified that she wants to have more than one baby. “I want them to be the couple, first to be the man and then the woman”, detailed. We remember that he revealed in El reventonazo de la Chola that in 2022 he plans to freeze his eggs.

The followers of the sauce boat did not miss the opportunity to ask her personal questions. Between these, “Are you still a virgin?” was one of the questions.

“Yes, buddy, I am breaking a Guinness record. I am fulfilling it ”, it answered openly. To another netizen who asked a similar question, he said, with his characteristic sense of humor: “No, my little friend, I haven’t had your luck, really. I’m still a virgin and we are in 2022. Let’s go for more! ”.