Daniela Darcourt responds to a user who asks her to stop eating “a cupcake”: “I love my body” [VIDEO]

Self-love. The Peruvian singer Daniela Darcourt did not hesitate to answer clearly what she thinks of her appearance after a controversial request from an Internet user suggesting that she lower a “cake” to her diet, suggesting that she would be overweight, although it was not the only question she answered about his physique.

“You are pretty, but one less cake would not be bad” and “What part of your body do you not like and would you like to make an ‘improvement’?”, Were the comments and questions that the sauce boat received in social networks.

Given this, the salsa interpreter decided not to sit idly by and answered without any problem via her account. Instagram: “I already talked about this, love and love each other a lot, nothing is more beautiful than loving one from the inside,” he wrote at first.

But, it wasn’t all, because Daniela darcourt He added regarding the first comment: “Thank you for being cute and the cupcake less, but instead of it being one cupcake less it would be three more cupcakes, I love my body as it is, I’m happy …”.

While to the question of whether she would be willing to ‘improve’ something about her body, this is what she said Daniela darcourt: “I love myself the way I am, I respect and love that my loves do what they want, but until now I honestly would not do anything to myself.”

Daniela Darcourt ignores criticism for singing on Paolo Guerrero’s birthday: “Blessings for all”

Singer Daniela Darcourt prefers to ignore malicious comments against her after appearing at a birthday party for Paolo Guerrero and send blessings to all.

“Good morning my people, it seems that this month Andrés arrived with everything and he has me crazy !! (…) Nice family. May you finish having a wonderful day! Take care of yourselves very much, blessings to all. I adore you!”, He wrote .