Daniela Darcourt would not have charged a single sun after Paolo Guerrero’s ‘spree’

The sauce boat, Daniela Darcourt surprised locals and strangers by showing herself as a special guest of the soccer player’s birthday, Paolo Guerrero. The former captain had a birthday party at the Mamacona Farm, where he was accompanied by his partner Alondra García and his mother Doña Peta.

The party of the selected one had live orchestras and hundreds of guests. Among them, the favorites, the interpreter of ‘Señor Mentira’ and La Charanga Habanera.

The sauce boat made the player’s more than 100 guests dance and was even in charge of singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him; However, it has been commented that Daniela’s participation was free and was by way of ‘present’.

“Long tongues assure that the country’s highest ranked sauce boat was presented as a gift because it did not charge a single ‘mango’. The bad thing is that the forward began to ask for a discount with the other artists. Noooooo …”, the column reads by Pisa Pelota in the Trome newspaper.

Daniela Darcourt declares herself a fan of Doña Peta after Paolo Guerrero’s party: “An exceptional mother”

Everything was exposed in the social networks of the sauce boat. On her official Instagram account, she used her stories not only to share images from the party, but also declared herself a fan of Petronila Gonzales after showing herself dancing and embracing her son effusively.

Daniela darcourt shared with the mother of Paolo Guerrero in his celebration, as well as he did with Jefferson Farfán, and took the opportunity to send him thousands of compliments on his platform, as he demonstrated to his followers.