Danny Rosales sends a moving message to his fans after the death of his father: “Value your father and your mother”

The comedian Danny Rosales surprised his thousands and thousands of followers by sharing sad news that mourned his family environment. During the morning of sunday march 26 revealed that his father Iván’s light went out at the age of 69 after having fought against the health complications that he presented and led him to be hospitalized.

Through his Instagram account, the beloved character from the “JB en ATV” program dedicated an emotional video to him where he revealed the last moments of his father’s life. However, while the images passed, in the background the voice of danny narrating details and, in one of his many words, he left a sensitive message to his fans.

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And it is that he Peruvian comedian He called on his fans with the aim of enjoying the time they have with their parents more, taking advantage of the fact that they can still have them alive so that when they leave, they do not end up regretting not having shared moments with them.

“(…) If you are watching this video, I want you to value your father and your mother, as the Bible says: ‘Honor your father and your mother,'” he stated. danny rosales during its publication in its official count.

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Followers of Danny Rosales show their support for the death of his father

After comic actor Danny Rosales told the world that his father Ivan passed away, the messages of solidarity towards the comedian did not wait and began to be noticed in the publication provided by this weekend.

were the users of instagram who decided to comment on the post and fill out danny of various messages of support and condolences at the sad departure of his relative, a fact that surprised everyone early in the morning.

“Honour your father and mother so that your days are prolonged on Earth that the Lord, your God gives you. A hug, time after time to learn to live with that pain”, “Strengths Danny. Your daddy is in a place pure and warm and will take care of you from heaven. Keep going, your dad will be proud of you,” said the Internet users of that social network.