Danny Rosales surprised a street vendor with a gift, but received criticism

Danny Rosales He surprised TikTok users by sharing the tender gesture he made with a street vendor. The JB member in ATV told his followers why he decided to give him a gift, showing the reaction that the humble worker had when receiving the detail.

The video obtained more than 28,000 reproductions and many users applauded the action carried out by the famous comedian. However, others criticized the decision to give him a branded watch instead of helping him financially.

According to Danny Rosales on the social network, he has known the merchant for a long time and highlighted the effort he makes when trying to sell his tamales from early hours of the day.

“I have known a wonderful person for a year and a half, who gets up at dawn to sell tamales. He has always asked me for things from the channel, the polo shirts of the characters, but since they are not mine, I better bought him a gift for him ”, he explained.

In the TikTok video, you can see the surprise of the seller when he opened the packaging that contained the watch.

After sharing the detail he gave to a street vendor, Danny Rosales received negative comments from some users. People questioned him about the watch he gave away. They asked to deliver basic necessities or even give him cash so that he can pay for his expenses.

The comedian responded to these criticisms in an interview he gave to Trome: “I just wanted him to have a nice time.”