Dantes Cardosa cries when remembering that he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage: “I thought I was not going to live anymore”

After recovering satisfactorily and returning to the stage, Dantes Cardosa He was a guest at “El reventonazo de la Chola”, where he recounted details of the difficult moment he experienced when he suffered a brain hemorrhage due to dengue.

The salsero could not help crying when talking about this bitter experience that brought him to the brink of death and worried his family and followers.

During his presentation on the América TV program, Dantes Cardosa was consulted by Chola Chabuca about this illness, which forced him to take a break on stage.

“The truth is that it was a very delicate moment that I went through. I went to Cuba with the family and everything was fine until I started to feel bad (…) I had a fever, vomiting, I thought it was a stomach infection, ”she said.

“One day before traveling to Peru I already had a fever and they took me urgently to the clinic (…) I thought I was no longer going to live. Thank you very much to the people who prayed for me”, he added through tears.

After a few weeks away from the stage and after being discharged from the doctor, Dantes Cardosa announced his musical return.

“A good news that I wanted to share with you. This October 3, the neurologist Dr. Abanto already gave me the green light. My brain hemorrhage disappeared thanks to God, my saints, my family and all your prayers. I can now return to the stage. What a bless! I am too happy. Back for the return” he wrote in an Instagram post.