Daughter of Tula Rodríguez celebrates her birthday with a TOUCHING letter that Javier Carmona left her [VIDEO]

The daughter of Tula Rodríguez, valentinea celebrated his 14th birthday in style and did not hesitate to share a moving letter from his deceased father javier carmona. Apparently, the teenager keeps, as ‘the most precious treasure’, the last words that the late television producer would have dedicated to her.

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“Happy Birthday to me. Thank you for your love and I thank God for another year of life,” read the minor’s publication on the day of her birthday.

That did not stop there, well valentine He shared the last note that his father gave him: “I love you, daughter. Whatever happens, everything will be fine,” was the note that Carmona wrote to him days before saying goodbye to this world.

As recalled, Javier Carmona died unexpectedly in August 2018 after suffering an acute dissection of the aorta for which he underwent a complicated cardiovascular operation at the National Cardiovascular Institute (INCOR) of EsSalud.

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Tula Rodríguez dedicates an emotional message to Valentina on her birthday

Secondly, tula rodriguez He was not far behind either and dedicated an emotional message to his daughter valentine after his 14 years of life. The ex-conductor highlighted the virtues of the young woman.

“You are the best gift that God sent me, the perfect complement for our family. You are already a young lady and I only wish that God continues to take care of you in every step you take, that you know that you can count on me at all times because you are my reason for life … and as your dad told you ‘Whatever happens, everything will be fine’, he always takes care of you,” Tula said.