David Lyons: “The truth is the most important thing these days”

Australian actor David lyons is known for having played police and law enforcement officers like Josh Holiday on the series ‘Sea Patrol’ and Mike Diangelo on ‘Seven Seconds’. And he is also remembered as the young doctor Simmon Brenner in the 1990s series ER.Now he is back to double with Octavia Spencer in the role of Detective Aames in the Apple TV + series Truth Be Told that is now in its second season.

“Sharing with Octavia Spencer and Kate Hudson has been an incredible experience, a total pleasure. We work at a very high level and what is very refreshing to say is that behind these wonderful actresses there are also adorable people. I entered the second season with the train already in motion and I could have a lot of anxiety, but Octavia, Kate and everyone were so dedicated, not only for their talents but for their time and tenderness ”, says Lyons through Zoom.

In this second installment of Truth Be Told Poppy (Octavia Spencer) is a journalist investigating the murder of Micah’s husband, one of her childhood friends (Kate Hudson), and David Lyons plays the detective who helps her. “Initially, Poppy rejects me and so do I, but little by little we build a true friendship that is vital to solving the crime. This season it goes deeper into Poppy’s past in her childhood traumas in her complex family dynamics. Explore what it means to be a family, the indelible mark of trauma and how it affects someone their whole life, ”he says.

For the 45-year-old interpreter, the past is a topic of interest in stories because “It is the only thing we know. There is a fascination for discovering the motivations for why we do things We began to realize those mistakes and victories that we have had and we begin to forgive ourselves and see ourselves with more tender eyes ”.

With investigative journalism at the core of the series, David Lyons has his own take on the actual work of journalists. “There is no single mold that we could fit all journalists into. Personally, I have problems with the way we approach the news and tell stories from subjectivity, a bit polarized. What I think is true is not necessarily what someone else thinks of the same. We are so dispersed in our points of view and if you ask me if journalists do their job or not, the answer ends up being right in that dichotomy, some yes, some no. The series is about the truth and emphasizes its importance ”.

-What things should be said? The truth and what else?

-I think the truth is the most important thing today, discover what, understand where it comes from, look for the source. We live in a post-truth world, there is a lot of misinformation and I think the purpose of the series is to find the essence of the truth of anything. Love, gratitude, tenderness, of all those things. We are in a world where we need more of that.