David Ostrosky: Will he return to soap operas after losing an arm?

The well-remembered actor of Televisa David Ostrosky, who a few months ago was replaced by Rodrigo Murray in the telenovela Overcome Absencean arm is amputated to save his life from a tumor.

After many medical consultations without finding his diagnosis, severe neck and spine pain, it is that he came across the news of his mandatory exit from the screens due to his critical state of health.

On the other hand, the actress and protagonist, Ariadne Díaz, from the telenovela, indicated in a statement the following message for the renowned actor after the news: “Good evening, from this chapter on, our partner and friend David Ostrosky will leave ‘ Overcoming Absence’ to focus on the most important thing we all have, health. On behalf of the entire production, we appreciate the enormous talent, professionalism and affection with which he played the endearing Homero Funes”.

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With a previous follow-up, no one imagined that the seriousness of the matter could escalate to such magnitude in the famous actor, who is in a difficult recovery after his doctors’ decision to act immediately on the critical problem.

Something very unreal for all his fans, who until a few months ago saw him in the novel Overcome Absence in Televisa. Leaving them from one day to the next with a new interpreter in their character due to the priority of their state of health.

What happened was that last August he had severe neck and spine pain that wouldn’t let him go, so he had to abruptly quit the novel ‘Vencer la ausencia’ and was replaced by Rodrigo Murray in the role of ‘Homer’, because he had to what to attend to”, informed the source to Tv Notes.

What were the previous Ostrosky therapies?

After being detected with the tumor after multiple medical consultations, the artist underwent an intensive treatment of chemotherapy sessions.

whatWas the amputation of the arm necessary?

The decision of the group of doctors in charge of the case of actor David Ostrosky did not have a good overview of viable options, which is why they made the difficult decision to remove the tumor and the entire upper extremity.

However, for the peace of mind of all his fans, “He is in very good health and as far as I know, in a few more days he will be at home recovering. They estimate that in a month and a half or two months he will be ready to return to the stage with that smile that characterizes him,” a source explained to tv notes.

Therefore, the great return of the much-loved actor is expected David Ostrosky in Mexican soap operas as soon as possible and the recovery of his health after this complicated episode.