Dayanita announces that she is returning to television after leaving ‘JB en ATV’: “Very soon”

It would only be a matter of time. Dayanita was at a well-known radio station where, when she was interviewed, she revealed that we will see her again on the small screen very soon. These statements did not go unnoticed and she quickly managed to attract attention, since she would have new television projects on her hands.

“Everything has been said”, was the first thing he said Dayanita when asked about his departure from ‘JB on ATV’, but then one of the interviewers told him that surely he is almost back on television. Far from keeping the news to herself, the comic actress did not hesitate to give the good news to the joy of her followers. “Yes, very soon (…) Who knows. There are many projects,” she replied.

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After that, Dayanita She also recounted what really happened for her to be removed from the ‘JB en ATV’ program. She acknowledged that it was her fault and stated that she takes responsibility as she should. “The truth of everything is that I made a mistake, an act of indiscipline. I missed my job, I did not notify and I had a call to attention from my boss who is Jorge Benavides, and as I tell you, I will always assume my responsibility “.

“They suspended me and I have to assume my responsibility as a person, but I don’t think I disrespected from mouth to mouth and I will always be grateful to everyone, but it bothers me that there are people who talk about one without knowing about it. one,” he added Dayanitawho was also upset by what was said at the time about her after her departure from ‘JB en ATV’.

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What does Dayanita do now that she is not in JB on ATV?

Now that it’s not on TV, Dayanita He has not stopped working, since he has been seen returning to the streets and showing his talent for comedy in ‘Chabuca Granda’. She was even caught selling nougats in passing.

In the same way, Dayanita He continues to dabble in the animation of events, but he has even opted for singing, since he has just announced that he will soon launch himself as a singer, since he has talent and plenty of it. In the same way, he belongs to the ‘comedy house’, so the former figure of ‘JB on ATV’ would not lack work.