Dayanita breaks her silence after being linked to the comedian Topito and denies being her partner

Dayanite He continues to win the hearts of hundreds of Peruvians with his charisma and personality, even more so since he joined the cast of “JB en ATV” but some details of his personal life remain hidden from the public. After revealing in a recent interview that she is in love with her, many have wondered who would be the lucky one who managed to win the heart of the comedic actress.

After a recent report by “Magaly TV, la firma” in which it is presumed that Carlos Junior, better known as funny mole is the name of her outgoing, the national artist has denied these claims.

Through social networks, the member of “JB en ATV” was quite surprised by the recent report issued by Magaly Medina, in which it is suggested that the comedian Topito would be her partner. “I just finished watching Magaly and I laughed my ass off”, she commented.

Given this, Dayanite He denied everything stated in said report and assured that between the two there is nothing more than a friendly bond. “Do you think I’m going to be with this jerk? It’s my leg. Yes, we are good friends, we understand each other well.” clarified for all his followers.

For his part, Topito explained that they will not stop being in contact after rumors of a romance between them and took the opportunity to send a message to the press. “Not because of that note are we going to stop being friends. And, if you want to do your job well, do it well, well, daddy. Get a clear picture, but don’t get speculation, “he said.

The young man from Piura began his artistic career as a traveling comedian in the center of Lima, where he would have met for the first time Dayanite. Since then, they have appeared on several occasions together doing shows in the streets of the city.

However, since Topito became close to the actress, his destiny as a comedian changed completely and he even managed to make his big debut on television after being invited to the set of “JB en ATV”. There he was part of one of the sketches of the humorous program of Jorge Benavides.