Dayanita to a reporter from Magaly Medina: “I can put you up at my house” [VIDEO]

On Friday night, the show host, Magaly Medina, showed in her program images of who would be the new partner of the comic actress Dayanita. The note that was made exposes that even the person who is next to the popular television character stays at home to sleep.

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“I am not in a relationship with anyone. I do not live with him. What happens is that we have a friendly working relationship. We work together, we have tours and agreed jobs. He does not live in Lima, he lives in Piura, and he has family there, then therefore, if it is that if it goes and comes, it would spend double the ticket”, expressed Dayanite when asked if she would be with the comic Topito.

“You’re a good friend,” Magaly Medina‘s reporter comments, to which Dayanita replies, “Yes, I’ve always been a good friend to everyone, I’ve never been mean to anyone.” After this she is consulted if the comedian has hosted another comedian in her house. “Always, to everyone. I could even accommodate you if you want,” she replies to the journalist.

What could be seen in the note presented by the “Urraca” is that Dayanita would be very close to the comedian who is also part of a sketch by humorist Jorge Benavides. At one point, the actress can even be seen taking him by the neck and approaching him as if she were giving him a kiss.

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Dayanita starred in an intimate video with a comedian?

‘Pepe, the popular Rocky’ declared after being linked with Dayanite and to star in a video together, this after signing with the adult content producer Inka Productions.

The comedian revealed through a video Youtube Y Facebook that the rumors would have bothered his daughter. In addition, she clarified that no video was recorded with the cast member of JB on ATV.