Dayanita: who is the comedian Topito and why has he been romantically linked to the actress?

In the last days, Dayanite He has been the protagonist of several headlines after announcing that he has a sentimental partner with whom he already lives. Given this news, the name of the comedian Topito has come to light and has been related to the actress of “JB en ATV”.

Find out here who is the comedian Carlos Junior, who even had his first appearances on Peruvian television.

Carlos Junior, better known as Topito in the artistic world, is a 25-year-old comedian from Piura and the father of two children.

With the aim of finding a better quality of life, the humorist left his native Piura and came to Lima to work giving shows at the Chabuca Granda mall, in the Cercado de Lima, together with various comedians.

While Dayanita was already an actress who worked on the program “JB en ATV”, Topito worked as a traveling comedian. It was precisely in one of his presentations that he met Dayanita and from there his life changed forever, Well, now he makes presentations with the comedian in the provinces and even managed to appear in the ATV space.

Dayanita surprised her fans by recently confessing that she has a partner with whom she has been living for a few months. This revelation was made on the YouTube program “Moloko podcast”, a show in which the actress explained that her boyfriend was also a comedian with whom she had worked.

“Yes, now I live together, it’s a bit complicated (living together),” he said at the beginning. Then he explained what kind of activities they both do in their free time. “I’ve been living together for four months now, but so far we’ve gotten along super well. We don’t watch Netflix, we’re super boring, we entertain ourselves by rehearsing.” Indian.

In the last edition of the program “Magaly TV: the firm” a report was broadcast revealing the alleged identity of Dayanita’s partner, who would be Topito.

In the images, both could be seen during various outings and attitudes that demonstrate the great confidence they have. Also, in social networks, comedians do not hide and share tiktoks together.