Debbie Aflalo, the story behind the “queen of the people”

“What is for you no one takes away.” This is the phrase that is repeated the most in the social networks of Debbie aflalo, the representative of the Dominican Republic in Miss Universe to be held in Israel on December 12.

And is not for less! She was the first finalist in the Miss Dominican Republic Universe contest, however, the organization made the decision to select her as a new representative after it was known that Andreina Martinez, the winner, was infected with COVID-19, and due to the proximity of the contest, she could not assume the position.

Precisely, with this fact, we began the interview with her for Diario Libre, a conversation in which she answered all kinds of questions from her followers (through a live on Facebook). There she spoke about how she received the decision of the organization, her preparation for the contest and her life story, one that she herself, she says, seems to be taken from the creativity of a film scriptwriter.

“I thought not (I was going to represent RD in the Miss universe), that that had already been there and I was going to continue working now for a personal brand, ”he began his response by questioning her about how she found out about the news.

He continued: “My director gave me that call, sadly, because I would have liked it not to be this way, because as the first finalist is customary, she is the one who assumes the crown in case something happens to the queen,” he explained.

“But now the truth is that I am very happy, even though it happened this way, because I am going to represent my country in Israel, my father’s country,” he said.

Debbie assured that once she knew the information she contacted Andreína, whom she wished a speedy recovery.

“I wish him well soon, our connection was very nice, we shared a room and I’m here for whatever it is,” reiterated the chosen one.

Regarding the support he has received from the public, he said the following: “I never thought that so many people were going to support this; what I am, the story of Azua. The truth is that I am very grateful to the Dominican people ”, she revealed still excited.

“My dad and I met when I was 16 years old, I found it on Facebook, it would seem like a movie, but I believe a lot in destiny, and when things are for you, they are for you. Now my dad and I have a very nice relationship, “he said.

Finding it wasn’t easy, he says. “I started looking for him because I needed a father figure and I felt that lack, there were many people with his name, I sent emails, private messages and photos and he was the only one who answered me as a father would, he said ‘yes, you you are my daughter. ‘ When I showed my mother her photo, she confirmed that he was my father; then he came to meet me and declared me ”, he explained.

“It is a very beautiful story and what motivated me to participate in the Miss RD was knowing that the contest would take place in the land of my father, Israel,” he confesses.

In case of winning, it will work hand in hand with the organization of the contest promoting sport in girls. A dream that I could achieve. “I’m ready,” she concluded.