Deer Supermoon LIVE 2022: At what time and how to see it from Peru?

It is considered the largest and brightest Supermoon that will be seen in 2022, so you should not miss this opportunity. That is why, in this note we tell you the time and how to see this great astronomical eventwhich, without a doubt, will leave us with our eyes wide open.

There is a lot of curiosity, why it is called the Deer Supermoon, because it is called that, due to the traditions of the North American natives, this is the month in which the new antlers of the male deer emerge. According to the space agency POT.

Be the biggest and brightest Supermoon of 2022.

At what time can I see the Deer Supermoon in Peru?

To enjoy the full moon we will not have to wait long, because we are a few days away from seeing it and you can see it tomorrow wednesday july 13ok, to the portal Time and Datethe perigee of the Moon will be given on July 13 at 04:08 am (Peru time) and the full moon phase will arrive at 1:37 pm, at which point it will become a supermoon, visible throughout the night. In that sense, NASA specifies that it can be seen even until Friday, July 15. You can not lose this!

What nights will be the best to see this moon?

As you remember last June we enjoyed the Strawberry Supermoon and now in just a few days we will be able to enjoy this phenomenon in the night sky, which occurs when the moon’s orbit is closest to the earth, at the same time it is in full moon phase.

You must not fall asleep! The best nights to see this incredible moon will be those of Tuesday and the Wednesday in the next week. A moon that receives this name for the season of the year in which the male deer they developed their large antlers for bellowing and mating.

The full moon in July 2022 will be a super stag moon. Photo: Tim McCord

Why is 2022 the biggest moon?

It is called a supermoon when the visible face of our satellite enters the full moon phase near perigee (the closest point in its orbit to Earth). Because of this, it looks a bit bigger and brighter than normal. Well, the ‘requirement’ for a full moon to be considered a supermoon is to be less than 360,000km of our planet or have reached 90% of the perigee.

Know the dates to see the Deer Supermoon and other astronomical events.

This month, it will occur only nine hours after reaching its perigee, so it will show its maximum splendor when it is only 357,418 km away (the average is 384,400 km), closer than any other of 2022.