Desiree Acosta, the vedette who married a member of Los Injertos and left the scandals to become a Christian

Desiree Acosta She was one of the most popular vedettes in the mid-1990s and early 2000s, along with other iconic dancers such as Maribel Velarde and Rubí Berrocal. However, throughout her career in the national show business, she was always involved in scandals and, even, she got married to a member of the dangerous criminal gang Los injertos; but she left that life behind to become a Christian.

We will tell you below how the Peruvian star turned away from a life of excesses and controversy to dedicate herself to religion.

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Desiree Acosta, the vedette who married a member of Los Injertos

During the 90s, Desiree Acosta along with Maribel Velarde, Mónica Cabrejos, Azucena del Río, Iris Loza, Mónica Adaro and Tula Rodríguez, were the vedettes of the moment, for which reason they were always present in entertainment programs and on the covers of newspapers. the newspapers.

Throughout his time in the Peruvian show business, he was associated with various characters in the media, such as soccer players Hugo Sotil and Roberto Martínez, and Augusto Ferrando. But, in addition to his romances, scandals were also part of his life in the media field.

Desiree Acosta with Azucena del Río and Mónica Adaro. Photo: capture of Panamericana

In 2008, in the Cachiche prison, in Ica, Acosta was found in a bathroom after the brawl in said prison. Soon after, she was discovered by journalists. According to various media reports, the brawl was motivated by the former dancer, who at that time was a partner of the criminal César Avilés Espinoza, known as “Harry”, who was accused of leading the criminal gang Los injertos. Shortly after, she married him. Years later, Avilés passed away.

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Desiree Acosta leaves scandals behind and becomes a Christian

Currently, the former vedette, after moving away from the spotlight, is dedicated to religion.

“Suddenly, when I was in the world, concerns led me down paths that did not fulfill me,” he told the missing Sunday “On the sixth day.”

Desiree Acosta today is a Christian. Photo: capture of Panamericana

She is also focused on raising Johanna, her only daughter.