Details of brutal murder of Russian rapper revealed; he was still alive when his wife began to dismember him

The details surrounding the brutal murder of a popular continue to dismay rapper in Russia. New forensic evidence on what is defined as “murder perfect ”from they found that the man was still breathing when he was supposedly dismembered by his wife in the middle of 2020 in St. Petersburg, local media have claimed.

The evidence seems to show that Andy cartwright, 30, was still alive when “his wife began to dismember him ”, after being deprived of oxygen.

The researchers suggest that the crime “occurred a short time – a few minutes, tens of minutes – before death.”

The wife of the victim and principal suspiciousMarina Kokhal, 37, admitted to cutting up the body and putting some parts in the refrigerator, but insists that she died of a drug overdose.

The woman claims to have carried out the “difficult task” of preventing her fans from learning that she had died such an “ignominious” death. Instead, he had planned to tell them that he had disappeared.

The victim allegedly had an adulterous affair with a 26-year-old fan, Nadia Romanenko, until her death, who has said: “our sexual relations took place in my apartment”, “I especially rented a flat near her apartment block” .

“We saw each other every day and Kokhal did not know anything,” added the young woman.

Now, new forensic evidence, which used in part tests done on his eyes, has found that he died from lack of oxygen and was still breathing after they started cutting him off, said, which has been in contact with legal sources.