Deyvis Orosco and Cassandra Sánchez: Who is the godmother of her son Milan who replaced Magaly Medina and what does she do?

Another person took the title of godmother. This Friday, March 24, Deyvis Orosco and Cassandra Sánchez De Lamadrid celebrated the christening of your child in a private ceremony, where at last it was revealed who will be the godmotherafter the problems that prevented Magaly Medina from being.

The ceremony could not miss the luxurious decorations and even the snack table personalized with the name of Milan, which his family and close friends could enjoy, such as the model Janick Maceta. who will be the godmother of her firstborn? We tell you more details, here.

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Who is the godmother of the son of Deyvis Orosco and Cassandra Sánchez?

Of Venezuelan nationality, his trade name is Elena Rosebut the curious detail of this story is that it is about the sister of Cassandra Sánchez De Lamadrid and despite the fact that she does not use their last names on social networks, their relationship quickly stands out due to the great resemblance between them.

“Two years ago, on your birthday, I told you that I thought I was pregnant. Two years later, one day after your birthday, Elena Rose, we celebrated my son’s baptism together,” the couple from Cumbiambero shared in their count of instagram along with pictures with her sister.

It should be noted that the Cassandra’s sister He lives independently abroad, so in his message he asks that they be able to meet again: “May God and the Archangel Saint Michael always accompany you, sister, and give us a lot of life to continue living special moments together,” it reads.

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What does the godmother of the son of Deyvis Orosco and Cassandra Sánchez do?

The godmother of the son of Deyvis Orosco and Cassandra Sánchez De Lamadrid She is a singer who little by little has been growing with her musical successes, which started with covers, until little by little she was creating her own songs.

Two years ago he took the risk of releasing his own song “Sandunga” which has more than a million views, he has collaborated with artists such as Sebastián Yatra, Maria Becerra and Greeicy and among the most remarkable is having participated in the Lo Nuestro 2023 Awards.

It has more than 34 thousand subscribers on its channel Youtube and 241 followers on his account instagramwhere he shares his day-to-day living in Miami and looking for better opportunities in his musical career, which is becoming more and more popular.

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Why was Magaly Medina not the godmother of Jessica Newton’s grandson?

The problem began when the cumbiambero once again proposed to his partner during one of his concerts and Magaly Medina criticized that it was becoming a show. These comments did not please the couple, nor Jessica newton, so they distanced themselves.

“A baby deserves all the love and respect in the world and not be in the middle of adult controversies. I think she could use a kinder godmother, who watches her words, that she does not dedicate herself to criticizing the show and that she knows how to keep her comments to herself or that she makes them with great affection. I don’t meet those requirements”, revealed ‘la urraca’ in an interview with Trome.