DHL restores parcel shipping to Cuba with restrictions

The state company Correos de Cuba has communicated with two months delay the restoration with limitations of the courier service of the multinational DHL, suspended in August due to the pandemic, the official newspaper Granma reported on Tuesday.

The resumption of messaging to the Caribbean island will be with “restrictive shipping limits, based on the space capacity that the contracted airline provides to that entity,” according to the press release published in the newspaper.

Correos de Cuba acknowledged on Twitter that it was slow to publish the decision of DHL -based in Germany- “due to errors in the management of internal communication.”

The multinational notified the Cuban side on September 29 of its intention to resume services.

Until now, only sending documents to Havana and the provinces was available, due to the low capacity of the airlines.

DHL suspended the shipment of parcels to Cuba in August, a decision that made many of its customers on the Caribbean island uncomfortable due to the impossibility of sending medicines, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 health crisis.

NOTE TO SUBSCRIBERS: The decisions of the Cuban authorities in recent months have decimated the team of the Efe delegation in Havana, where currently only two journalists can continue to carry out their work. Efe hopes to be able to recover its information capacity on the island in the coming days.