Dialogue with the spirit

It had been days since he’d witnessed a conversation between Emma and the spirits. Although it causes me a fit of jealousy, it is with Emma that the spirit of my husband communicates and not with me. The reason for her I do not know, although I suspect that they have to be the disposition of my ineffable cook to communicate with the beyond. It seems that I do not have the necessary sensitivity for such a particular communication.

Usually these meetings take place at night and in the little patio next to my handyman’s room. This space in my house has become an oasis over time. We built a gardener and in it my cook planted various aromatic herbs, in addition to a vine that has spread along the wall, sheltering the extension of the patio with its freshness and beauty. There we have some little iron furniture that is used for Emma to receive her visits, in addition to sitting down to read the newspaper, which she does with the help of her glasses, of which the common people call “get me one”. My dear cook enters into communication with the beings from beyond, after a while of sitting in the light of the stars, in silence and deep concentration.

One night not long ago I looked for Emma and found her in the little patio; she seemed gone to other planes; I cautiously approached, I didn’t want him to notice my presence.

As soon as I got close enough, the dialogue with the spirit began. I naturally wanted to know if it was my husband’s soul. I soon realized that the communication was with a spiritual being who in life occupied a prominent place in national life. Emma addressed her invisible interlocutor with unusual courtesy and respect. “You are greatly missed, doctor,” said my handyman. “This country is in great need of your advice, especially with the Haitian problem, the situation in that country is becoming more and more entangled and it affects us a lot.” I had no doubt, the spirit that visited Emma was nothing less than that of her beloved president Balaguer. That did not surprise me, a man who gravitated for so long on the destiny of our country must have such a strong bond that allowed him to communicate with people who, like Emma, ​​had the necessary predisposition and sensitivity.

The conversation continues in this vein, Emma complained about the lack she was doing, about the fear of the citizens before what seems like an invasion, given the chaotic situation in the neighboring country. Emma seemed to beg him, saying that a magician like him, who fixed everything, had to come to his aid to remedy this chaos. Something answered the spirit of someone who, in life, was president so many times and Emma laughed heartily then exclaimed: “Do you think there should be a strong hand there, to bring everyone to heel, that these people can only be guide the force, but who can be the one? I never knew her answer, it seems that my cook was satisfied with her answer, because she ended the conversation, saying goodbye to her in a cordial way. Silence reigned for a while and I took the opportunity to slip away; I didn’t want Emma to catch me spying on her. In the solitude of my room I reflected on what I had just witnessed. The paths of God are mysterious, as well as crooked, who knows if he will use the spirit of Balaguer to remedy the chaos in the neighborhood and grant peace and respite to that martyred nation and tranquility in our lands…