Did Iván Ruiz and Laura Guzmán get married?

Everything seems to indicate that the television producer Iván Ruiz and the communicator Laura Guzman Not only did they reconcile, but they took their relationship to a more formal level and got married. The couple had been separated for three months.

The host of “Frontal con Laura Guzmán” published on her Instagram account that she had been engaged to marry Ruiz and shared images and videos of the romantic moment.

Hours later, the producer of “The Midday Show” posted a photograph that immediately raised the suspicions of Internet users, since hints that he was definitely on his way to the altar

Behold … Path to happiness. Thank God ”, published the communicator, who wore a light blue suit with a silver bowtie, in Napa Valley, California, United States.

In addition, on Tuesday he shared a photo with Laura in his story, in the aforementioned county, with the song “Pambiche de novia” by the famous Juan Luis Guerra, and placed the following text on the image: “He sings me pambiche when he gets up” .

Guzmán shared a clip where you can read the phrase “Marry me”, written with chocolate on a plate and the engagement ring placed on her finger, although as the video says “And two months ago. My forever you ”, it is not clear if the proposal is current or was made at that time.

In addition, the communicator published that the designer Luis Domínguez would be in charge of his wedding dress and even that he already had his bridesmaids selected. After the publications, he put his private account.

Last August, Guzmán announced his separation from the also producer and said he was grateful for the time he shared with him.

“Thank you for your love, for your support and for supporting each of my dreams, thank you for the teamwork where we were united by the passion for excellence, thank you for accompanying me in raising my son,” he wrote on Instagram.