Did Johanna San Miguel and Carlos Carlín receive royalties for Pataclaun? Actors reveal their problems with Latina

A few days ago it was announced that Latina will reissue the famous nineties series Pataclaun, so its cast actors decided to go ahead and reveal if they received their due royalties.

Johanna San Miguel and Carlos Carlín, who played Queca and Tony respectively, they also talked about it and made it clear what he meant Gonzalo Torres when he said that he had received royalties.

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Did Johanna San Miguel and Carlos Carlín receive royalties for Pataclaun?

Johanna San Miguel and Carlos Carlin They said that up to now they have not received royalties for their work in pataclaundespite the fact that they have belonged to Inter Artis Peru for a long time.

“The actors of pataclaun we have met with Inter Artis Peru. They have been doing a very serious job. What happened to the issue of royalties? The series has been broadcast for 11 years in Latin America and no royalties have been paid to us,” he began by explaining carlin.

In addition, they assured that Inter Artis met with Latina in 2020 to sign a contract detailing that they would be paid from 2018 onwards, but that payment was not made either.

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Did Gonzalo Torres receive royalties for Pataclaun?

Gonzalo Torres He surprised everyone by assuring that he did receive royalties, since in this way he contradicted what his former colleagues said. “I have collected royalties for pataclaun through Inter Artis because I am associated. I don’t know if it’s complete or not, I don’t know. That is a matter of a later analysis, but it would be untruthful to say that I have not received royalties,” Torres told Infobae.

Given this, Carlos Carlin decided to speak about it and made it clear that Gonzalo was not referring to royalties but to other amounts that were paid through Inter Artis.

“When Gonzalo (Torres) said that they had paid him, he was referring to other supports where the series has been shown: hotels and others. That minimum amount has been collected by Inter Artis and has paid us, but Latina has never paid Royalties are a right, it is not a favor,” he explained.

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Which Peruvian actors were in the cast of Pataclaun?

July Naters’ team at pataclaun It was made up of several actors until that moment they did not have great fame at the national level, but they had already worked in previous productions:

  • Machín was played by Carlos Alcántara.
  • Wendy was played by Wendy Ramos.
  • Tony was played by Carlos Carlin.
  • Queca was played by Johanna San Miguel.
  • Gonzalete was played by Gonzalo Torres.
  • Monchi was played by Montserrat Brugué.

It should be noted that all of them would not have received any amount for the royalties of the characters they brought to life.

Pataclaun. Photo: Diffusion