Did Magaly Medina fight with Jessica Newton ?: “We have independent lives, we are not Siamese”

He spoke loud and clear. Magaly Medina has shown in recent years that she is a great friend of Jessica Newton, but there would be rumors of a distance between the two, and she came out to speak.

Both figures went to Spain to spend Christmas and New Years. However, they did not meet by chance. While the journalist was in Madrid, Malaga and other towns, the former beauty queen stayed mostly in the capital, as well as the land of her husband.

For this reason, many followers began to speculate that they would have distanced themselves, and Magaly medina came out to clarify everything during a question and answer session in his social networks.

“What has happened that we do not see that you are still intimate with Jessica Newton?” A user asked Urraca, and she had a sharp statement in the stories on her official Instagram account about the mother of Cassandra Sánchez de Lamadrid.

Magaly medina She responded to her followers by saying that she is on vacation with her husband and that is why they no longer see her so much with Jessica newton, as well as has other friends.

“But of course we are still friends. What happens is that we have independent lives, we are not Siamese. I also have other friends besides her who are not as public as Jessica, and I have to give them their time. In addition, I am spending vacations with my husband ”, sentenced. Is it true?

Magaly and her husband are reunited with Antonio Pavón in Spain

A few days ago the driver let it be seen that she had already arrived at her destination as she was walking through the Miramar Palace in Malaga, and then she surprised by showing who she had met: the bullfighter and his girlfriend.

In the stories of his official Instagram account, Magaly medina was shown with Alfredo Zambrano, next to Antonio Pavon Y Joi sanchez in the well-known Parador de Gibralfaro.