Did María Montez come to the DR in 1943 or not?

The photos taken by Conrado in the DR: 1938-1944

Conrado was the professional name of the photographer Kurt Schnitzer, a Viennese exile who lived in the Dominican Republic between 1938 and 1944. His extremely interesting photos, which project different places, moments and situations of Dominican life, have been compiled by Constancio Cassá Bernaldo de Quirós and published by the General Archive of the Nation. An excellent graphic history of part of that era.

Did María Montez come to the DR in 1943 or not?

In one of the photos taken by Conrado and published by the AGN, there is one whose caption indicates that it is the entrance of María Montez to the presentation of her film ‘The thousand and one nights at the Olimpia cinema-theater’. Commenting on this fact in the group Protectors of Our Historical Heritage, the question arose as to whether she is the lady who could be identified as such in the panoramic photo, since it is understood that she never returned to the country as an actress. By the way, in October 1943 she was decorated by the Dominican government, an act held in Los Angeles, California, USA, according to a photo in the book that Margarita Vicens de Morales wrote about the actress. Can you get us out of the doubt and write to us often at [email protected]?

Lenten cartons for La Merced Foundation

The La Merced Foundation, dedicated to helping children and adolescents, has created for these days what it calls Cartons of Lent. As Yasmín Abreu explains, it consists of keeping a five-peso coin every day during Lent until reaching 200 pesos in each envelope. Can you help in this work in favor of children and adolescents? Call Yasmín, the Administrative department, telephones 809-620-9907 and 809-603-6804.

Dental emergencies?

I asked my son Alexis what could happen if on a holiday or at night someone suffers a complicated problem with a tooth or molar. We agreed that in dental problems there are no emergency departments. We were wrong. She learned from a friend that Clínica Estética Dental offers 24-hour dental emergencies: “You have 30 minutes to get to dental care if a tooth has been fractured or knocked out,” she says. Her phone: 849-394-7880. No, I don’t know who the specialists are.

‘Portrait of a modern woman’

As soon as Mirka sent me a list of novels in Cuesta Libros, ‘Portrait of a modern woman’, written by Manuel Vincent, caught my attention. It is based on Concha Piquer, a Spanish singer ‘who broke all the molds’, she triumphed on Broadway, United States, and at just 18 years old she found herself there ‘involved in a homicide and has had contacts with the mafia’. I already bought it and started reading it. She got me from the first line.

Thermal glasses: practical for the office

Do you like to drink coffee in the office, but with the air conditioning you get cold very quickly? Maybe it can work for you to put it in a thermal glass. Among the stores that sell them is Multicentro Sirena.