Did Paloma de la Guaracha throw out how Luigui Carbajal sent her packs via inbox? These were the strong revelations

Strong revelation! Erika Luz Palominoknown in the world of “Chollywood” as Paloma de la Guaracha, appeared on the YouTube channel hosted by Sara Manrique and Joao Castillo, a former member of “JB en ATV”, and revealed more than one secret about his passages with some characters of the Peruvian show business.

Among them, he mentioned the former cumbia singer Luigui Carbajal and detailed, in his peculiar style, how they maintained communication and what they shared on social networks.

That is why, in this note we will tell you the statements of Guaracha Dove about the virtual meeting he had with Luigi Carbajal.

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Paloma de la Guaracha reveals that Luigui Carbajal sent her intimate photos

During the Interview, Guaracha Dove revealed that the former cumbia singer, Luigi Carbajal He sent him intimate photographs while they had a conversation on social networks. This statement astonished all the personnel who were recording the video together with Sarita and Joao Castillo.

“The one that happened to me was with Luigi Carbajal, that if he sent me all his parts, stopped, done. I have photos, I have the chat, everything. It was a “crooked” hook, ”Paloma revealed with a laugh.

At this statement, Sara Manrique was amazed and could not contain her laughter, as she did not expect her former partner to have hot conversations with Paloma. “I can’t defend you brother,” he said, laughing.

The popular “Kardashian of the Santa Anita Oval”, She did not remain silent and continued to reveal that the messages she sent Luigi Carbajal It was through Messenger.

“Out of nowhere he sent me, by inbox (private message on Facebook) it was that. (..) He refused, he called me to make arrangements, he told me that he wanted to make things right with me,” he indicated.

After that, Sarita and Joao thought that Luigui had not sent a photo of his face, in order to deny that he was the one who sent the images. But Paloma said that she did send photographs showing his face and has the necessary evidence to unmask him.

“His face did command me, he was lying in his bed with shorts,” he revealed.

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Paloma accepts that she shared photos with Luigui

More than halfway through the interview, Pigeon He admitted that he also sent hot photos to the ex-singer.

“I also sent him photos, well, if he is sending me,” he finished counting.

How did Paloma de la Guaracha become known?

Erika Luz Palomino She is currently 48 years old and is the daughter of parents from Tarma who came to Lima in search of new opportunities.

Paloma de la Guaracha ventured into being in charge of a nightclub and began to hire various artists from ‘Chollywood’. It was so that little by little she had contacts with media figures and on one occasion she managed to enter the Jefferson Farfán’s birthday party, revealing that he was very affectionate with Yahaira Plasencia.

After that, he started talking again when he recounted his intimate encounter with the Arab businessman Yaqoob Mubarak. He also recounted that he exchanged intimate videos with the leader of the orchestra “The Yaipen Brothers“, Javier Yaipen.