Did Stephanie Cayo end up with Maxi Iglesias? Her sister Fiorella Cayo surprises with a peculiar publication

Fiorella Cayo surprised with a publication in which she writes to her sister Stephanie Cayo, who had a birthday a few days ago. Her message drew attention, as it was recently learned that the youngest of the talented Cayo sisters had resumed her sentimental relationship with the Spanish actor Maxi Iglesias. It should be noted that at the moment it is unknown if that love affair came to an end again.

The truth is that the words he dedicated to her fiorella key to his younger sister Stephanie Key They left many loose nails, as she defined how the man who is with her in the future should be like and highlighted how wonderful the smallest of the Keys is. Therefore, the message has turned on the alarms again.

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“As is. Life will depend on who we get together with to vibrate, to grow, to laugh, to learn, to evolve and to feel alive. Thank you. I love you Stephanie Cayo. The man who is with you will have to be a man very aware to be able to realize that what you have is a treasure in your hands and treasures can only be taken care of”, was the first thing Fiorella Cayo wrote to her sister Stephanie Key.

But the publication did not end there, well fiorella key He added: “I would always take you everywhere in my pocket to take care of you like when you were little. Oh, I’m very feeling,” added Fiorella Cayo, shocking with her recent words.

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Stephanie Key celebrated his birthday without Maxi Iglesias

Peruvian model and actress Stephanie Key He recently celebrated his 35th birthday, however, what was striking is that he did not celebrate it with 32-year-old Maxi Iglesias. While she was in Máncora, he was in California, United States.

For this reason, it is not known if he would have ended their relationship again, because when they stated that they had resumed, Stephanie Key wrote: “Life changed me thanks to you, it took away my cold, my armor and my weapons. It changed the way I feel, thanks to you. Today everything feels stronger, brighter and I feel stronger, more capable , more inspired. Thanks to you. I love you.”