Did Yahaira Plasencia want to leave an exclusive restaurant without paying?: “How are they going to say that she was waiting for the exchange”

Yahaira Plasencia salsa has made news again. It turns out that in the entertainment news portal, Instarándula, they shared images of ‘La Patrona’, paying outside an exclusive restaurant located on the Costa Verde, however, the explanation of the person who passed the video was what caught the attention .

It turns out that a ‘ratuja’ from Instarándula sent the videos to the journalist samuel suarez with the following explanation: “Samu, the Yaha was leaving without paying. They had to charge him outside hahaha.” However, this did not seem so credible to the press man, who noted that it may not be as they explained to him.

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Given the comment sent, the journalist samuel suarez He explained the following: “Hahaha foul-mouthed bitches, I was sure paying for parking. I don’t think I left that exclusive restaurant on the Costa Verde without paying the bill.” After that, another follower of the ‘Instarandula’ account gave a second explanation.

According to another follower of this entertainment portal, this is what could have happened: “Perhaps there was no signal in the premises and they went out to get a signal.” After that, samuel suarez He replied: “Haha come on, there is always a good explanation for everything. Those poisonous bitches, how are they going to say that they were waiting for the exchange and the shot backfired on them. They went too far.”

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Is Yahaira Plasencia still in a relationship with Yair Mendoza?

About the love life of Yahaira Plasencia is unknown, because despite confirming that he ended his relationship with the singer Yair Mendoza, both have been seen. That is why the sauce boat has revealed that she prefers to keep her private life under lock and key.

Meanwhile, in March of this year, the program ‘Love and Fire’ returned to capture the remembered ‘queen of the totó together with the singer in a well-known restobar. In the images it can be seen that Jair he carries his wallet when they leave the place.