Did you reconcile with Ale Venturo? Rodrigo Cuba surprises with suspicious song lyrics on his networks

A new opportunity in love? He soccer player Rodrigo Cuba is in the public eye after being caught with Gianella Rázuri after his abrupt separation with Ale Venturo. Also, due to the latest statements by the blonde, who hinted that she was unfaithful and agreed to have terror To his family. Now, he surprised with singular action.

He ‘Cat’ It has attracted attention after appearing, once again, together with the businesswoman and mother of her second daughter. Despite the end of their relationship, apparently, both have not stopped seeing each other. Even the player has been in charge of growing the rumors of a possible reconciliation after sharing a surprising post on their social networks.

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What message did Rodrigo Cuba share in his networks? Hint?

Through his official account Instagram, Melissa Paredes’ ex-husband has not stopped increasing speculation that he has resumed his romance with the owner of the Fit Refrigeratorafter the revelation of new images, in which both left a bank together.

In addition, the striking displays of attention that the player had with Ale did not go unnoticed by the program either.Magaly TV La Firme’. Meanwhile, Samuel Suárez de ‘Instarandula’ He commented on what one of his “ratujas” told him and that, according to his testimony, both would be about “love”, despite being separated.

Following the controversy, the son of ‘Don Gato’ He hasn’t decided to talk about it, but he shared an image while studying. However, that post drew attention due to the musical background. And it is that the themeA bit‘ by Diego Torres and Carlos Vives was present in his ‘storie’.

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What were the lyrics and what song did Gato Cuba share, and did it spark rumors of an apparent reconciliation with Ale Venturo?

The lyrics of the song “Un poquito” took over the photograph that Rodrigo Cuba showed off. “Although they say that ours was a failure, I prefer to verify it in your arms, how easy it is to say because they do not know that no one has the key to love, there are people who like to talk from outside and to love you there is no school”, was heard in his story of Instagram.

Faced with this apparent message, Samuel Suárez opined: “People normally post things with a purpose. You know that at this time the attention is complete on Gato and Ale Venturo for everything that has been happening. Three hours ago the Cat posted a song by Carlos Vives and Diego Torres and released that idea”, expressed the administrator of ‘Instarandula’. Will it be a hint?