Did you reply to Melissa Klug? Jefferson Farfán leaves a message after a new complaint: “Demanding is easy”

Melissa Klüg shook the show business by revealing that she is determined to sue her ex-partner Jefferson Farfán for psychological damage to minors. The truce between the two would have ended, since the two would have apparently reached an agreement regarding the upbringing of their two children, even the influencer came to defend the former soccer player after being criticized for celebrating the birthday of one of the young people on a luxurious yacht. Now, everything has changed and “Blanca de Chucuito” is ready to proceed legally.

“The same as always, the lack of time. Before because she lived abroad. And now? In short, my children are grown and I am not going to allow him to continue damaging them psychologically, and a lot of abuse. Since he loves lawsuits and lawsuits, we will continue to see each other there, there is no other way, but I will not allow more harm to my children,” Melissa Klug told “Magaly TV.”

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Jefferson Farfán’s response

This morning of April 20, ‘Foquita’ Farfán published a curious message on his Instagram stories that invited reflection. “Demanding is easy. Pointing is easy. Judging is easy. Condemning is easy. Complaining is easy. But setting an example is what is difficult”, reads the sentence.

Message from Jefferson Farfán. Photo: Instagram

Melissa Klug fights back

Samahara Lobatón’s mother, Melissa Klug, was also encouraged to post a message on her social networks and the drivers of “América hoy” considered that it was a response to Jefferson Farfán.

“When a clown moves into a palace, he does not become a king… The palace becomes a circus,” the snapshot mentions.