Did you spend with Easter expenses?

Once the enjoyment passes, it’s time to take care of the accounts… even if it feels like it will be uphill. My suggestion: The sooner the better.

Do you remember the wisdom that says: “A great treat, a great strike”? Well, it’s time to face the consequences:

*List the commitments: Everything, not only the expenses of the Greater Week, but everything that you will have to face until May 31. A table with the amounts of each expense that you will have and the date to assume it will be enough. Anything with a credit card will only be one commitment, not several. Now you can organize it by payment date.

*List the income: Since you have the payments by date listed, you can insert a line with the income. If, for example, you will receive a payment on April 20, you place it before the payments that are after that day.

*Add and subtract: It is not time to juggle, add what you owe on one hand and subtract it from what you will receive. If the equation is negative, it is time to look for resources. Perhaps a personal loan is the solution, before having to finance credit cards… which is the most common thing I see done.

*Assign payment: For each commitment, put where the payment will come from. Since you have an income on a specific date, with that money you will attack all the commitments that come after it. If money is needed for a specific period, check the possibilities of using savings. If you don’t have them, a personal loan can be the solution… never credit card financing, it would be too expensive and a typical start to an endless debt spiral.

I’m assuming you have good credit, because if you didn’t there was no chance of messing up on Easter.

If you still don’t have a way to borrow, then it’s time to sell something and make final resolutions to stop paying interest that doesn’t acquire anything.

Finally: Whoever indulged himself and has to live the blockade, it is best that he roadblock for a while… so that you can enjoy yourself again, but without having to put up with blows.