Diego Bertie: This is the unreleased song “Pod ser” from his new album: “I was excited about it”

The singer Diego Bertie returned to music in style with a series of presentations, but it all ended on August 5 with his death after falling from the 14th floor of the building where he lived. The also actor left a series of projects close to launching him, such as the unpublished song “Pod ser”, which was shared by the music producer Manuel Garrido Lecca.

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In an interview for Día in tribute to Diego Bertie, the music producer referred to how excited he was when recording the song “Pod ser”, which will be part of his album “Río tres x”.

To the delight and comfort of the artist’s fans, he shared a preview of it. “It could be, a new illusion, it could be, just my heart or it will be love”, Diego Bertie is heard interpreting.

Manuel Garrido Lecca was shocked by the news of his death and described how he saw him days before. “I have no words to describe how excited I was about the record, how excited I was. He wanted to resume the musical activity that he also believed was part of his expression as an artist”, he maintained.

Before presenting this note, Pamela Vértiz expressed an emotional message. “Diego Bertie has to be remembered as what he was in life, that is important, as this noble human being, a professional dedicated to his career (…) Only for Diego there are wonderful memories, there are generous words, there is love and there is admiration,” he said. .

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Diego Bertie: “How difficult it is to love” became Spotify’s “number 1 viral”

The favorite song of the Peruvians. Diego Bertie, had a sensitive death last Friday, August 5, at the age of 54, but he leaves a great musical legacy with the songs he performed and became hits since his musical beginnings in the 80s. Recently, “How difficult it is to love”, one of his most iconic songs managed to be placed in the Spotify viral ranking.

“How difficult it is to love” was released in 1997 as part of the album ‘Blue Fire’. Now, this August 7, it was announced that this iconic theme is in the first place of the most listened to songs in Peru.