Diego Boneta announces the launch of his own brand of tequila: “To celebrate as it should”

Diego Boneta announced on Instagram the launch of his new venture: his own brand of tequila. However, in its publication, made on December 22, the protagonist of Luis Miguel, the series did not reveal what the name of the drink would be, but it did explain the reasons that pushed him to its creation that, he said, he was looking for “Create new paths for what it means to be Mexican.”

“We propose an honest and high-quality brand that preserves the identity of tequila, but that speaks looking forward to represent the diversity and vanguard of the Mexico that we are all building today. I toast because soon we can celebrate this together as it should, head-on ”, he assured.

Diego Boneta‘s congratulations to tequila were immediate. Among the first celebrities to express their support is the model Renata Notni, girlfriend of the Mexican actor, also the Spanish Pedro González Alonso the famous ‘Berlin’ from La casa de papel (Netflix, 2017).

Diego Boneta has also been singled out for trying to emulate what the so-called ‘Sol de México’ did, when he launched luxurious bottles of wine in 2005 under the name Unique, Luis Miguel.

Although the interpreter of “The unconditional” did not launch the famous distillate, other celebrities did, such as the model Kendall Jenner with her brand of tequila, 818.

Bryan cranston Y Aaron paul protagonists of the series Breaking Bad, took advantage of the success of Netflix, to successfully launch Two men.

The famous ‘Golden Girl’, Paulina Rubio presented her Get Hot tequila in June of this year. And even YouTube star Luisito Comunica launched Big Bad its tamarind-flavored tequila.