Diego Elías left Peru high after title in the Qatar QTerminals 2021 Squash

From Qatar, it was learned that Diego Elías once again made history and left Peru high with the discipline of Squash. At the tournament Qatar QTerminals Classic 2021, our compatriot managed to beat New Zealander Paul Coll and was able to shout out a new champion title.

This grand final took place at the Khalifa Internation Tennis and Squash Complex in Doha, where the Peruvian Diego Elías was able to defeat his opponent with a score of 3-1. The first set was in favor of our compatriot with a 13-11, while the second was equaled by the New Zealander with a score of 5-11.

However, Diego Elías drew shine from all his international experience and was able to carry the game forward with scores of 13-11 and 11-9. In this way, our compatriot achieved his first platinum title and hopes to continue adding more awards in his career.

“I can’t believe it yet. I’m very happy with this, very happy with my game. I want to thank everyone for coming today, and thanks to all the Peruvians who came, that’s a great help for me.”Diego Elías declared at the end of the final.

PSA World Tour congratulates the Peruvian Diego Elías.

Likewise, Diego Elías made it clear that this title has always cost him in his career, so he did not contain the emotion of having achieved this feat in a venue where athletes are always treated well.

“I am very happy to be a Platinum champion for the first time. I have been trying for a long time, so I am very happy. This tournament is always the best, they treat us very well, it is amazing to be the champion here.” added.

Diego Elías squash champion in Qatar

Relive the exact moment when Diego Elías won the Qatar QTerminals Classic 2021 title.

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