Digital Voucher 2023: registration for the subsidy will have until February, according to Nito Cortizo

The Solidarity Digital Vale will continue to be delivered in Panama until February 2023, according to what the President of the Republic of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, announced last Friday, December 30, 2022, despite the fact that he was going to be arrested this month. And this also covers the deadline for the registration of new beneficiaries.

Statement from the Presidency of Panama on the payment of the Digital Vale 2023. Photo: Twitter (@presidenciapma)

This program, born as an initiative of President Cortizo Cohen, is executed through the Ministry of Social Development, in order to alleviate the situation of thousands of Panamanian families affected by the economic crisis that arose from the pandemic due to the COVID-19.

This measure, which was adopted by the national government since March 2020, has already benefited more than 1,300,000 Panamanianswho with the money have been able to purchase food, basic necessities and medicines, as part of the Panama Solidarity Program.

How to sign up for the 2023 Digital Voucher?

In order to be a beneficiary of the 2023 Digital Vale, you must have complied with following a 10-hour course at the National Institute of Vocational Training and Training for Human Development (Inadeh), and completed 24 hours of community service.

With this done, you must comply with the following:

  • Have updated their data on the Panama Solidario website between January 5 and 14, 2023.
  • The co-responsibility of the beneficiaries is maintained.
  • There can only be one beneficiary of the Digital Voucher per household.

How to update the Digital Voucher 2023?

In accordance with the provisions of the Presidency of Panama, it is necessary to have the updated data in Panama Digital to collect the bonus 120 dollars.

Therefore, below we explain how to update your data with the form:

  • Enter the Panama Solidario website with your personal data
  • Click on I wish to continue with the benefit of the Panama Solidarity Plan
  • Proceed to fill out the form with your personal data (ID number, landline, email, etc.)
  • Define your employment situation
  • Attach a copy of the dismissal or mutual agreement letter
  • Indicate the reasons why you want to be a beneficiary of the Digital Vale
  • Accept the affidavit
  • Click on send.

It is important that you remember that This procedure will be enabled from January 5 to 14, 2023.