Dimar presents its new product Cod Dimar

You like him cod? The company specialized in the development and marketing of canned fish, Dimar, presented its new product “Cod Dimar”.

This proposal is a solution to the extensive and simple work that characterizes the preparation of the cod traditional salty, so with this new alternative the process of desalting, boiling and cleaning are no longer necessary.

Cod Dimar was first a project, then an idea and now a reality. “This reality comes to create value and facilitate the preparation of a traditional product for the Dominican people and above all to increase consumption,” said Freddy Lugo, commercial manager of the brand.

The product will be available to the public in 15 Oz cans. This fish can be used in any daily preparation in Dominican homes, from a salad to cod stew, cod with egg, cod with potatoes, croquettes or any other dish of your choice.

“The Dimar family is pleased to present a new product, an innovative product. In 2018 this idea was born, somewhat crazy, but after analyzing it it became a challenge. It was something new that pushed us to produce it without the certainty that we could achieve it. There seemed to be nothing in the market, not only Dominican but in no other. After four years, we finally did it” said the commercial manager when presenting the product that will now be available in a can, saving hours of preparation time.

With this launch, Dimar seeks to continue innovating with a new alternative in the canned fish category, regarding its solid position with its Dimar sardines and tuna, recognized for being high-quality products, always thinking of the taste of Dominicans.