Dina Páucar denies that there is a rivalry with Sonia Morales: “I have always admired her”

Singer Dina Paucar is about to celebrate its 32nd anniversary, for the years of his artistic career this Sunday, November 27 in Huaralino. In the same way, he completely ruled out that there is a rivalry with sonia moraleswho will be one of the great guests.

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“There was never a rivalry with Sonia Morales. I have always admired, for a lifetime, the career of each of the teachers such as Sonia Morales, Doris Ferrer, Anita Santivañez, Amanda Portales, who for us is a wonderful artist,” the artist told the middle of Trome.

The known ‘beautiful goddess of love‘, He spoke about the new values ​​that they have been giving to Andean music, something that has not been to his displeasure, since he assured that they are always open to receive good advice from the public.

“Yes, we always guide them, we guide them along the way, we always give them little suggestions. If they take it well, in good time. But if they didn’t like it, suddenly, some advice is still guiding them because we are adult women and I think we can guide them on a good path, just like my daughters can do,” said Dina Páucar.

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Dina Páucar advises her daughters to continue her legacy

The great trajectory of Dina Paucar It is not something unknown in Peru, but for the public it was a great surprise to see that his children wanted to continue his legacy, including his two little girls, since his son is in his group. Therefore, she decided to give some advice to the conceited one of hers.

“I tell them that they should be like mom, calm, disciplined, orderly, very respectful and humble, which is the main thing. I think Dina’s name is very big and that’s why they didn’t dare to sing. One day I told them that I wanted to hear them sing and they did it very well, in tune and in tune. That’s why I told them to go to those programs like ‘La Voz’, but they are shy like me. I always tell them to give everything on stage,” said Dina.