Dina Páucar will record an unpublished song with her three children: “I have a very big bib” [VIDEO]

What a great satisfaction for a father that his children follow in his footsteps! Dina Páucar is the faithful example that with perseverance and discipline you can go a long way. The renowned folk singer announced that her three children are part of her orchestra and will soon record a song together.

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The dream of sharing the stage with his children was something he always imagined, today it is a reality. “My daughters are part of my choir staff. I am very happy,” she told The popular. “I have a really big bib,” he added. Dyne letting out a smile

In this sense, he said that all his children have grown up listening to music. “They saw mom play the harp and dad the trumpet. We are a family group, grandparents have also been musicians,” she added, the popular ‘Beautiful Goddess of Love’.

Finally, as a surprise for her thousands of followers, Dina revealed that “we are going to record a song very soon” with her three children. Alexander, Jackie and Diana. There is still no date for this production, which will undoubtedly be unforgettable.

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Dina Páucar will celebrate her 32 years of artistic career

Accompanied by the best exponents of vernacular music, Dina Paucar will celebrate this November 27 his 32nd anniversary of musical career. Sonia Morales and Anita Santibáñez, among others they will be present in this night of pure footwork.

“To all my friends from El Popular, I extend my invitation to celebrate 32 years of my artistic life. We are going to sing with each one of them on stage. It will start at 1 in the afternoon and will last until dawn. Don’t forget , in the local Huaralino de Los Olivos”.