Diomary La Mala and Amaury Sánchez, the perfect combination of romance and complicity

A night of romance and complicity was enjoyed by the public who gathered yesterday at the theater the Fiesta of the hotel Jaragua to enjoy the concert “Nostalgia, piano and voice” what the artist offered Bad Diomaryaccompanied by the teacher amaury sanchez.

The stage was illuminated at 9:31 at night, starting a concert in which the artist shared a wide repertoire of emblematic songs for more than two and a half hours. Agustín Lara, Sonia Silvestre, Víctor Víctor, José José, José Luis Perales, Rafael Solano, Pablo Milanés and Nueva Trovaamong others.

To start, the piano in the hands of maestro Amaury Sánchez sang its melody and gave way to the artist, who with her soft voice and the interpretive force that characterizes her, sang “Nostalgia”, the song that gave the concert its name.

A repertoire of 36 piano songs was enjoyed by the artist’s followers this Saturday night, with special guests such as Samuel González, Héctor Bonilla and the pianist, Elizabeth López.

The night was marked by an intimate dialogue between the artist and her audience, whom she thanked for their company tonight, visiting each table and sharing her microphone so they could be part of the show.

“I don’t know if you realize, but it seems as if Diomary and I were in the patio of the house,” said the teacher. amaury sanchez in an emotional moment.

During the night Diomarys offered special moments to dedicate songs to the country, such as “My love for you”, also for Women’s month and with some songs he offered tribute to artists Víctor Víctor and Sonia Silvestre.

The presence of his relatives, such as his mother, husband and son, as well as Ambassador Juan Bolivar Díaz and his wife, stood out in the public.

Likewise, the artist sang a duet with the Puerto Rican singer Awilda Pedroza “La Mimosa”, and her husband, the Dominican Javish Victoria, from the Quisqueya Conjunto, was encouraged to sing a piece of the song “Amnesia”, by José José.

“How it was”, “To live”, “I forgive you”, “Kiss me a lot”, “Perfidia”, “Think of me”, “El Triste”, “Like every woman”, “Lucía”, “Something with you”, “Lucerito de mi sueño”, “Contigo Aprendí/Somos Novios”, “Brindo por ti”, “Amnesia”, “The Greatest Love of All”, “Today I Feel Like This”, “The Pillow”, “Speaking Seriously” , “Reloj”, “Solamente una Vez”, “Y como es él”, “Lucia” were some of the songs enjoyed by those who met these two great artists.

The complicity with the maestro Amauri Sánchez, gave a very warm touch to the night and his characteristic “Nau”. In a special moment, she thanked the public by toasting with her drink in hand and dedicated the song “Brindo por ti” to maestro Amaury Sánchez.

“Por amor” and “My way” were the songs that closed the magical night around 12:30, when maestro Amaury Sánchez and Diomarys La Mala said goodbye hand in hand before an audience that gave them a standing ovation.