Diomary “La Mala” shares the stage in Mexico with Raúl Di Blasio

The Argentine artist Raúl Di Blasio, popularly known as “The pianist of America, shared the stage with the Dominican Diomary “La mala”in one of his shows in Latin America.

At the time of presenting the interpreter of “Anyone is deceived”, the pianist used some words that captivated the Dominican.

“That woman appeared in kindergarten and began to sing, as soon as I entered the stage she didn’t even give me time to rehearse. Girls, boys, friends, probably one of the special experiences that you are going to live tonight is that you recognize her, again because you have surely seen and heard her, but please applause for a lady who is pure heart, ladies and gentlemen Diomari La MalaDi Blasio said.

Visibly moved by his words, Diomary came out on stage and intoned the lyrics of one of his hits, “Contigo aprendí” to the rhythm of piano melodies.

The news reached this newspaper after the exponent published a video on her official Instagram account that captured the narrated moment, and mentioned the Listín Diario social network.

Minutes later, she shared a new video, this time being presented by a speaker in a symphony orchestra where she would perform songs by four Dominican singers: Mario de Jesus, Rafael Solano, Luis Kalaff and Kuko Estevez.