Director of the Camagüey orchestra, Adolfo Menacho, is a victim of crime

Nobody gets rid of crime. The conductor of the Camagüey orchestra, Adolfo Menacho suffered the dismantling of the vehicle that was loaned approximately a month ago, in the Pueblo Libre district. The musician explained that the events occurred at dawn and that the loss is valued at about $ 2,000.

“In the early morning, between 3:00 and 5:00 in the morning, they have opened the car and have taken the main parts” he held for La República.

He also indicated that the parts that the criminals stole would be from the ventilation area of ​​the vehicle, and that he will have to pay a considerable amount to be able to replace the loss. “It must be about 6 thousand soles, about 1,500 to 2,000 dollars”.

In addition, during the conversation with this medium, Adolfo Menacho stressed that he feels quite concerned and frightened by how crime levels have increased in Lima, since he considers that the Pueblo Libre district, where he lives, is an area that has always been characterized For being quiet, however, in recent months, there have been several unfortunate events.

“I am concerned about the level of crime in Lima. This is a very quiet, safe area; however, different owners have also suffered this type of theft “ mentioned.

“A month ago there was a collision by a drunk person, who left my car a disgrace. They told me that in 10 days it would be solved, but it took a month to recover it. Now this happens to me, the theft of the car of a great friend of mine, who supported me when I was dealing with my problems, but I still have to respond ”, he said.

So I ask the authorities to support me in the sense that, with these security cameras (I hope they have been effective), something can be done. I am going to finish closing the complaint, I will make the request for (the review) of the cameras ”, he added.