Dixson Waz: “I play toco to” takes it to soundtracks of series

Since he presented “Toco toco to” in December 2018, Wascar Nicolas Feliz Moya, better known as Dixson Waz, has not stopped taking upward steps in the music industry, establishing himself as one of the urbanites of these times.

He currently has two collaborations with the North American rapper of Colombian origin Lil Pump: the remix of “Toco toco to” and “Cricra”, which will be published in the coming months and by 2022 will be part of the soundtracks of several series in streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

His success is not accidental, since he is one of the pioneers of the Dominican dancehall movement called “dembow” with a proposal that has always differentiated him, his promoters tell Listín Diario.

Conscious Pencil, The Alpha, Rochy RD, El Mayor Clásico, Ceky Viciny, Yomel el Meloso, El Cherry Scom and Haraka Kiko are just some of the Dominican exponents with whom he has collaborated.

Topics like “Wiky”, “The most beautiful bride”, “Cla cla cla” and “full de Bacaneria” are some of the successes that earned him a position of urban influence in the Dominican Republic

However, after the success of “Toco toco to”, multinationals such as Sony and Universal have established continuous businesses with the so-called “King of Chipping”, thanks to his tens of millions of reproductions on digital platforms.

In 2019 he won the line of song with the highest circulation in the United States with “Toco toco to” at the Telemundo USA New York Awards and closed with a flourish that year, performing the “Toco Toco To Europa Tour”, with a quantity of 15 exclusive presentations, all with a full house, covering a large part of the European continent.