Djokovic’s visa is taken away from Australia

Novak Djokovic, the man who is considered a true machine to achieve triumphs, 20 times Grand Slam champion, with 86 titles achieved with his powerful rackets, who grew up between the NATO bombings in Serbia, the one who at 34 years is in much better shape than the other legends Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, who is considered by many to be the greatest tennis player in history, will have to leave Australia after the authorities ordered his departure, which should occur today despite the appeal from their attorneys.

When landing at Melbourne (Australia), the health authorities of that country announced that they canceled his visa after the Serbian, with a medical exemption granted by the organizers of the Open, did not clarify whether he had been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Djokovic, who was looking to participate in the Australian Open with the challenge of reaching the record of 21 Grand Slam titles and breaking the tie with Federer and Nadal “It did not provide adequate evidence to meet the entry requirements for Australia and the visa was canceled,” announced the Minister of Health, Greg hunt.

The father of the tennis player, Srdjan djokovic He claimed that his son had been “captive for five hours” in Melbourne.

Novak was held in one of the Melbourne airport lounges, without access to his mobile phone and without contacting any member of his team. The Serb was then trying to prove the validity of his medical exemption.

Given this, the Serbian chancellor would have summoned Daniel emery Ambassador of Australia in Serbia, to explain this treatment to Djokovic. The Australian Home Secretary, Karen andrews He said the government was not planning to offer “any apology.”

The decision to allow the tennis player to enter had caused outrage in Australia, whose residents have been subjected to severe restrictions.

The Serbian President, Aleksandar vucic He accused the Australian authorities of “mistreating” the world’s number one tennis player. “All of Serbia is with him and our authorities are studying all measures so that this mistreatment of the best tennis player in the world ends as soon as possible.”

The tennis player’s father, Srdjan Djokovic, asked for a hero’s welcome. “Our pride, our Novak is returning … Everyone to welcome him!”