Do dogs look like their owners? Find out if your pet has traits of your personality

understand the doubts that surround the lives of pets and their owners is found the supposed resemblance that the animal has with the person, because sometimes it is possible to perceive several similar physical aspects in both. However, the connection goes beyond the exterior.

To understand the deep ties that unite humans and those who are said to be their best friends, we must observe their behavior. A 2019 study has revealed that dogs also resemble their owners in a completely different way: they tend to have similar personalities.

The author of the study is William J. Chopik, a social psychologist at Michigan State University, who investigated how human relationships change over time. Given his particular interest in the bond between people and their pets, he set out to examine those relationships and the dynamics that constitute them.

To conduct the study, he asked the owners of 1,681 dogs to rate their own personalities. The instrument that he used with the help of the owners was the unified questionnaire. This was intended to know the personalities of his dogs. The researcher found that dogs and their owners share personality traits.

The results of this study showed that a very nice person is twice as likely to have an active and restless dog, and less aggressive, than someone less nice. The study also revealed that responsible owners rated their dogs as more receptive to training and owners with emotional instability rated their dogs as more fearful. Secondly, “If a person is calm, his dog is also calm” Chopik maintains.

Given the reason for the presence of these similarities, Chopik holds the following hypothesis: “In part, the dog has its own features, and, in part, his personality will also be marked by your influence as an owner”, it states.

Chopik also mentions that when a person adopts a dog, they usually choose one that can fit into their routine. “Do you prefer a rambunctious dog that needs a lot of attention or a calmer one that can adapt to a more sedentary lifestyle?” he comments. “We usually choose those dogs that go well with us.”

Over time we determine the behavior of our pet, either through conscious training or simply through our daily interactions, and they change as we change. “The changes we make in our lifestyle will also affect our dog’s routine,” holds.

In this way, the relationship with our canine companions acquires greater depth. Celebrities are also in tune, as they have great compatibility with their pets and, thanks to them, many artists have been able to overcome difficult episodes in their lives. Next, meet your best four-legged friends.

Millie Bobby Brown

The star of the series “Stranger things”, revealed how hard it is for her to cope with popularity, especially in a time when social networks are used only to criticize and invent gossip. She found in her puppy Winnie the Pooh the best medicine to control her anxiety. In this regard, she said that “they are the best for anxiety.”

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

The marriage made their ‘dogson’ known. He answers to the name of Oscar, a Yorkshire Maltese. It was an early Christmas present for both of them. Currently, his little companion follows in his footsteps, as he is an “influencer” dog with more than a million followers on his Instagram account, Oskie (@oskietheposkie). Both have been seen with him through their social networks.

Ryan Gosling

In the year 2000, Ryan adopted George, a large mongrel who became his best friend. The canine accompanied him on his trips, interviews, filming, premieres. She was his great dog love for 17 years. The actor constantly mentioned how important it was to him. “George, my dog, he is much more interesting than me. In fact, I like to talk about him more than about myself.”


Paramore’s frontwoman has Alf, a goldendoodel. In her words, he saved her life during some ups and downs in her mental health. “My dog ​​is the reason I’m alive because he always expected me to come home no matter what.”

Ariana Grande

The singer has rescued more than 13 dogs from the street, giving them all kinds of comforts and a good life. Toulouse is one of her best known companions. Toulouse is a dog model and has starred in video clips with Ariana, sharing the glamor of the cameras with the Postions performer. In this regard, Ariana Grande, in an interview, said that “he looks like a dog trained for the cameras.”

henry cavill

The actor who plays Superman has a dog named Kal, which is part of many of the posts made by the Hollywood star. In addition, the British actor credits his dog with saving his mental health.

Jennifer Aniston

The actress has three dogs, one of them named Clyde, a schnauzer mix. The dog was the protagonist of a publication in which she posed with him after having voted in the elections in the United States. The other two dog companions are named Sophie and Lord. On multiple occasions they are your gym buddies at home. About them, she has mentioned: “If I could have a llama, a pig, goats or sheep, I would. But I have to be very sensitive to Sophie and Clyde, because I want them to be happy.” She thus showed the respect that she has for her company.