Do you have an Android? So you can translate a sign in English or another language with the cell phone camera

Imagine that you traveled to the United States, Germany or China and, suddenly, you come across a sign in a language you do not know. The most reasonable thing would be to write the text in Google Translate to know the meaning; however, this can take a long time. Luckily, there is a faster way to know that information.

You may not remember, but in 2014 the internet giant bought an application called Word Lens, which allowed translations to be made using the cell phone’s camera. Once this software was part of its property, Google decided to include it in Googe Translate, the official name of its famous translator.

For several years, Google Translate allowed people to use the camera on their smartphones (Android or iPhone) to get real-time translations of any sign or poster they found on the street. This feature was available until recently.

The fact that Google Translate no longer has this function does not mean that the American company has decided to disappear this tool, which is usually very helpful, especially for tourists who travel to countries where they speak a language other than their own.

According to Xataka, a specialized technology portal, the internet giant has just included the camera translation function in Google Lens, its image recognition application that is available for both Android and iPhone users.