Do you have an old TV? So you can watch Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video or HBO Max

Currently, most people prefer smart televisions (Smart TV), since they have an internet connection, that is, they can be used to play the content of the most popular streaming platforms such as Netflix Disney+ Amazon Prime Video hbo max among other. The problem with these devices is that, depending on their size and components, they are often more expensive than older TVs that work with a cathode ray tube.

If you have this type of ‘old’ television and it is not in your plans to renew it for a more modern one, you will be delighted to know that there is a method to make it a ‘Smart TV’. It doesn’t matter if your device is a family heirloom or you bought it over twenty years ago; if it still works, you can give it a ‘second life’ and use it to watch your favorite series and movies hosted on these streaming platforms. Do you want to know how? Here we will tell you.

According to Paréntesis, a portal specialized in technology, several technology companies such as Manzana Xiaomi roku Google among others, they have launched gadgets on the market that serve so that old televisions can access the Internet. Generally, these devices are connected to the HDMI port of the equipment; however, there are models where an audio and video cable is used (the one with three colors: red, white and yellow).

Although the image quality will not be as good as what you get on a Smart TV, you will be able to access Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video or HBO Max or another platform. It is worth noting that, in order to see this content, you will have to pay an account, you can do it alone or together with several friends, that way, the cost of these services will not be so high.

What are the most popular gadgets?

Before choosing a gadget, it is recommended that you check what it offers and if it can be connected to any television; some are a bit more expensive as the resolution can go as high as 4K. Here we leave you the most popular.

1. Roku Premiere HD 4K Streaming

2. Fire TV Stick Lite

3.Apple tv 4k


5. Amazon Fire TV Stick

6.Google Chromecast 3

7. Xiaomi Mi TV Box S.