Do you like to read? According to science, this is the best time

Do you like a good book, a novel, an essay? If you are one of the people who enjoy read, now a study indicates the best time to do it.

According to a study published by the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, Best Time to read it’s for the night; Since, at that time, neurons are stimulated and memory capacity improves.

Of course, this does not exclude other times of the day. At the end of the day, everyone reads at the time that suits them best and enjoys it the most. This works best as long as you are not tired otherwise the retention of information by the brain is less.

Recommendations for a better moment of reading!

Do not strain your eyes: always do it in a bright place. If it is at night, do it in a place with enough light so as not to strain and damage your eyesight.

Comfort! Choose a comfortable place and position. A good option is a slightly reclined chair. Some specialists point out that, if you do it in bed, it could incite you to sleep and if you are uncomfortable, there will be no retention on the information.

Concentration! Read in a place where there are no noise and distractions nearby. Thus, in addition to enjoying your reading, you will have excellent understanding. These tips also apply to the study; When it is necessary to memorize something, it is essential both the environment, the comfort and the schedule.